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Meet the Visionairy, Owner and Head Trainer

Step into Ambition Boxing's world and get to know the heart of it all – that's me, the owner and head trainer. I kicked off my journey with judo at 8 and got into boxing at 17, loving sports and even trying my hand at chess.

As a coach, my focus is on technique and smart boxing, a bit like playing chess. Defense sets the stage for a strong offense, and being sharp in the ring is the key.

With a psychology degree from Concordia University, I plan my moves both in and out of the ring. Life and boxing are similar – each challenge is like a round to win.

In 2013, I started Ambition Boxing Club for a bigger reason. It's not just about boxing; it's about sharing the benefits of the sport with our community, especially the youth.

My coaching creates fighters, but it's more than that. We build values, boost confidence, and nurture growth. Join me in spreading the love for boxing and empowering others. Connect with the visionary behind Ambition Boxing and let's journey together.

The quote I live by: "A Set Back is nothing but a Set Up for a ComeBack."

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Theo: A Resilient Force at Ambition Boxing

Let's introduce you to Theo, a coach who epitomizes dedication, passion, and an unwavering spirit. Theo's boxing journey ignited at 18, a testament to his commitment. Shady and him crossed path at a youth center, sparking his passion. As an amateur, he dazzled with main event performances, gaining invaluable experience. Entering professional boxing, Theo's star continued to ascend. Mentored by Coach Howard Gran ad Embraced by world champions like Otis Grant, he earned recognition. With an unblemished 2-0 record, Theo showcases his hard work. His passion goes beyond personal victories. As a coach, he weaves tales of transformation among clients. His journey from novice to pro inspires those he trains. Theo's tenacity shines through his resilience. Challenges don't deter him; he perseveres. His unwavering dedication sets an example for all. Theo invites you to a journey of growth and empowerment. Background and experience hold no limits under his guidance. Connect with Theo at Ambition Boxing to unlock your potential. 

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Rosario: A unique style from the Maurician Islands

Where we're excited to introduce you to Rosario – a trainer with an exceptional style hailing from the Maurician Islands.

Rosario's journey is as unique as his style. Hailing from the Maurician Islands, his background is steeped in the sport. He's not just a trainer – he's a former national team member with over 50 amateur boxing matches under his belt.

Rosario's explosive energy is second to none. His cardio workouts push boundaries and defy limits, taking your fitness to the next level. His Maurician roots infuse his training style with a flavor that's truly extraordinary.

Boxing isn't just a sport for Rosario; it's a legacy. Hailing from a prominent boxing family, the sport runs in his veins. This rich heritage amplifies his understanding and passion for the craft.

Rosario's expertise is certified, and his experience extensive. He's a certified boxing coach who's worked countless corners, honing his craft with every fight he supports. His knowledge is as deep as his love for the sport.

Rosario's training philosophy is all about overwhelming opponents with combinations. His unique approach teaches you to throw bunches of punches, seizing control of the ring and keeping adversaries on their toes.

Rosario brings the spirit of the Maurician Islands to Ambition Boxing. Experience his dynamic training firsthand, and unlock the power of his explosive style. Connect with Rosario today and discover the legacy of a true boxing family.

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Kyle: Unleash Power at Ambition Boxing

Meet Kyle: Unleash Power and Speed at Ambition Boxing

Discover Kyle at Ambition Boxing, an embodiment of fierce competition and arguably the gym's strongest pound-for-pound punch.

Kyle, a conditioning machine, comes with a football background from his teenage years. He excelled in high-level football and found himself drawn to the gym. Boxing felt natural to him, and he's known for moving forward relentlessly with explosive power.

Transitioning into a trainer, Kyle capitalizes on his experiences to guide potential customers in maximizing their power. Youthful, hungry, and ambitious, he's a force to be reckoned with.

Strength coupled with speed is Kyle's focal point in his own training and when guiding others. His determination to harness power and agility defines his approach.

Meet Kyle – the embodiment of power, speed, and ambition at Ambition Boxing. Connect with him to experience his dynamic coaching and amplify your boxing journey.

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Alix: A master of Speed and Flair

Where we proudly present Alix – the embodiment of lightning-fast hands and exceptional footwork.

Alix is the gym's speed demon, blessed with hands that move like lightning. His expertise in footwork and technical finesse is unparalleled. As the youngest and flashiest fighter and coach, Alix is a standout presence.

Beyond the ring, Alix is a man of many talents. With a background in music and singing, he effortlessly commands attention and exudes flair. His stage presence is a reflection of his vibrant personality.

Alix's natural affinity for people shines through – he's not just a coach, but a positive force. He's adept at connecting with individuals, infusing the gym with positivity.

His athletic prowess is undeniable, rooted in a background that includes over 10 fights in boxing and other martial arts. But that's not all – Alix is also a remarkable soccer player.

Alix brings his multifaceted talents and contagious positivity to Ambition Boxing. Experience the speed, the flair, and the vibrant energy he injects into every session. Connect with Alix and step into a world of dynamic training and unstoppable enthusiasm.

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Jeff: The versatile Adition at Ambition Boxing

Where we're thrilled to introduce Jeff – a passionate gym enthusiast now a dynamic coach.

Jeff, a former gym rat, found his passion in Olympic lifting. He began as a client and evolved into a dual-role coach, handling boxing and strength conditioning.

Jeff's coaching style is dynamic, his motivation unmatched. His communication skills shine, and his form-focused approach ensures excellence.

He offers a wealth of advice and feedback, nurturing growth. Jeff works with diverse ages and fitness levels, embracing both boxing and general fitness.

His transition from gym enthusiast to versatile coach underscores his adaptability. Jeff's Olympic lifting background lends a unique edge to his training approach.

With a history of gym collaborations, Jeff brings extensive experience to Ambition Boxing. His diverse background enriches his coaching, ensuring a comprehensive approach.

Join Jeff on a journey of transformation and motivation. Connect with him at Ambition Boxing, where his dynamic coaching elevates both boxing and fitness endeavors.

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